I am an interdisciplinary multimedia artist working in the combined genres of video, sound, kinetic sculpture, and performance. I also sketch, draw and journal to keep my eye- to- hand connection fresh, to catalogue ideas and images, and to keep some roots in traditional methods of production. 

In my practice of art, I hold several lines of inquiry in mind: 

  Can the elements of a work of art be as diverse as possible while still allowing the piece to function as a whole?  

  How do the mechanisms of our perception determine our reality?

  What is the relationship between art and reality, given the crucial role of perceptual mechanisms in producing what we take to be reality?

  How do our systems of belief and our media- saturated environment distort and transform what we perceive?

  What is the relationship between art and democracy, historically and currently?

  Why is the art world still so lacking in diversity and integration?

  What place can ethics and mindfulness have in the practice of art?

My art is improvisational and explorative. I enjoy using compositional systems of loose structures that can respond to chance and chaos. I also appreciate the way that humor and play loosen our rigid reactions and assumptions, allowing us to re-experience reality in unexpected and liberating ways.